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Ch-ch-ch-ch- Changes...

Author: mjb

Pregnant in the GrassDavid Bowie's song, Changes, is the main soundtrack of my life these days. Not the entire song but the chorus. I am 5 months into my first pregnancy, and every day I experience something new.

I have entered the exclusive club of pregnancy. A world filled with endless information, opinions, excitement, uncertainty, and overwhelming joy. This is the most magical time of my life. I love being pregnant. I feel fortunate and more alive than I ever have, but I also feel a little overwhelmed by all the Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes. There is so much to learn, feel, and experience.

Everyone says that even a Girl Scout like me can't be completely prepared, but I'm going to try. I've been voraciously reading parenting and pregnancy books, magazines, and blogs and seeking advice from new and experienced moms. I want to learn everything I can to prepare my baby for the best possible start so he can reach his fullest potential.

I am focused on providing a healthy home -- both womb and house -- for my little one. I am eating organic foods, avoiding toxic chemicals, and surrounding him with the healthiest products I can find.

I may not know everything but I know some things for certain. There is a cleaner way to protect my child. I am fortunate enough to work for Seventh Generation, and the company has armed me with the knowledge and the supplies to keep my growing family safe and healthy. Our nest is free of harmful chemicals and I can sleep soundly knowing that.

In my every deliberation I consider the impact on the next generation.

Has becoming a parent raised your consciousness? I would love to hear your stories.

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Cynthia Norris picture
Cynthia Norris
Even after I won the wonderful Wee Generation Green nursery makeover family still really didn't get the whole Healthy Home thing. I am most certainly the weirdo environmentalist to them. My sister in law once said to me upon seeing my non chlorine bleached 7th Gen. diaper ...after I told her the dangers of such belach ..."You read too much!" I ask is that possible when it's your children's safety at risk?! The majority of the public accepts that because they are baby products...that they must automatically be safe and unfortunately...this is just not the case. I am so grateful for not only how generous 7th Gen. was to me with my winnings...but also for the wealth of knowledge that helps me weed out all the toxic junk out there. So are way ahead of the game and your baby will be happy, healthy and safe.
tcoop3 picture
Regarding Strobel mattresses, it seems to me they are still 'chemical' ridden. Polyurethane does off-gas harmful chemicals and contains VOCs. The 'waterproof' covering also concerns me. Is it plastic? There could be a plethora of things in the covering alone that are harmful. Simply being void of chemical fire retardants, doesn't make it a green or safe mattress. has great options and they are mostly GreenGuard certified.
castrolina picture
I'm also a first time mom and when I was about 3 months pregnant I could not stand the smell of the cleaning supplies. The clorine smell from the dishwasher or the smell of pinesol (that according to my husband smells "CLEAN")made me sick. So I decided to try a green option and that's when we decided on seven generation My baby is now almost 8 months and he is starting to crawl and move around more.It gives me peace of mind to know that the cleaning supplies that I use to keep my house clean are also safe for my baby.
maple669 picture
I use the Amazon Baby can register for almost ANY product...and if they don't have a product you want, they have a "Universal Registry" button that allows you to add any product on any website to your amazon online registry! Its pretty awesome =)
LylithStarchild picture
08/27/09 has a great line of eco friendly products (and great sales too!). I bought most of my baby's stuff there. Check it out. You'll love it!
mjb picture
WOW! I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. What wonderful and thoughtful responses. Thank you all! Keep the advice coming, I really appreciate and value it. Here's a first... I'm about provide my first bit of advice... (yeah mama!) Babies R Us is no doubt a great place for organic products. I'm registered there myself. Also be sure to check out -- they have a thorough shopping guide for healthy, non-toxic products for both baby and home. It's a great resource.
RonMidwife picture
I am a midwife with over 20 years experience, and a mom of two. My daughter, my first, was born at a birthcenter with a midwife, and my son was born 3 1/2 years later at home. I want to suggest you entertain everyone's advice, and then listen to your heart. Take the advice of those whose situation you want to emulate, or who seem to be most consistant in living a life you appreciate. Your body knows how to develop a wondderful baby if you give it the building blocks to do so. Your body knows how to deliver a great, healthy baby. The hard work is well worth it. May you have a wonderful birth and a great baby.
ehultman picture
Congratulations first of all!! Having a child is one of the most amazing experiences and you are truly blessed to be able to experience this miracle :) I have a daughter who is 13 months old and she is the light of my life each and everyday. I hope your pregnancy is treating you well! It is great that you are taking the steps to create a "green" footprint for your little one. Take advice into consideration, but your insticts will shine through!! I agree that pregnancy is a very "exclusive" club. Sadly, not all women are blessed with conceiving or carring a child to full-term. Until you have been given the gift to experience pregnancy first hand it is very difficult to understand what an expectant mother feels emotionally and physically, especially when you begin to feel your little one stir inside your blooming belly for the first time! Best wishes for your expanding family!
tcoop3 picture
While I do agree with most others in don't listen to anyone, sometimes it is nice to talk with someone who knows. I am preparing to become a HypnoBirthing educator (which one other poster referred to). I highly recommend you read 'HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method' and take classes if they are offered in your area. HypnoBirthing is more a philosophy for pregnancy and birthing that can be carried over into parenting. The gist is your body is made for birthing and it can be done peacefully and without unnecessary pain. 'Birthing from Within' is also a great book. Along with anything by the great Ina May Gaskin ('Ina May's Guide to Childbirth' and 'Spiritual Midwifery'). Babies 'R' Us actually now has a great assortment of natural and organic products for babies and expecting women. I would, however, steer clear of mattresses offered there. Even the 'organic' mattresses contain flame retardants which can be deadly. I highly recommend and their mattresses. We have one for our son and love it. I would certainly research chemical flame retardants and their dangers, if you have not done so yet. Good luck to you. I wish you a happy, peaceful pregnancy and birth. Becoming a mother is the most wonderful thing that will ever happen to you!
fishfishkiss picture
8 mo. along today! I love being pregnant as well and feel better than ever. One item we went the extra mile on in our home for baby was the mattress - even certified organic mattresses have to meet government fire retardant standards. All of them do. I found a loophole in that you can have your Dr./OB/ Chiropractor write a prescription for one that isn't chemically treated, they don't cost much more than the "organic" ones anyways (cheaper sometimes even) so I think it was a great choice. Check um’ out. We also used Babies R Us for our registry and I was surprised to learn they no longer carry ANY items that contain BPA’s. That doesn’t mean items don’t come from chemical free facilities but it’s at least a step in the right direction for our babies. Good luck all!
nikigrits picture
Here are a couple of excellent articles and studies about sleep that you might be interested in. (pdf) I'm sure we all have some strong feelings on this subject.
ardenraine picture
I am a new momma and my DD just turned 9 months old. I did all the research too. I cloth diaper, I have a chemical free home. I use essential oils for cleaning. But the best thing I found and used was Hypnobabies for our birth. Please check them out if you are still looking for a birth method. We had Willow at our local midwife birthcenter and I never knew you could birth without pain. It was wonderful for everyone. So congrats and keep listening to your heart. It is the only gauge you need to be worried about. Enjoy the ride!
mtotra picture
I registered at Babies R Us for several organic and natural items including organic towels, organic blankets, organic pads and mattress covers, glass bottles, 7th generation wipes and diapers, and BPA free toys. I was able to get Burts Bees items at Target. I had to order my organic mattress on-line at naturpedics though. No one recommeded the one at Babies R Us even though it was cheaper. I got my BumGenius(reusable and fit from birth to age 2) diapers in town b/c they are sold by a local store that makes them but you can order them at several websites.
kbair picture
Don't get me wrong - I absolutely love children and admire women who have had children. No, I don't have any of my own yet. However, I fail to see how pregnancy is an "exclusive club." If there's one thing that nearly every woman can do, it's have a baby.
clairemills picture
I am 6 months pregnant and I would LOVE to know of places people purchase their baby products (organic clothing, bedding, etc.). I am having a baby shower and am desperate to set up a registry so that I don't receive items that do not fit my lifestyle. Does anyone know of any good websites that have excellent registry technology?
tinsfrey picture
One additional comment...when I was pregnant I wrote an article for the now defunct As We Are Magazine (online womens' issues pub.) I used Bowie's "Changes" in my article about shopping for green maternity and baby items. Great (and green!) minds think alike! :)
tinsfrey picture
My daughter just turned 19 mos. My husband and I have a small green business and had been living green for some time when we learned we were expecting. That was the easy part. Tactfully accepting outdated pregnancy/parenting advice from well-meaning people was quite the opposite. As loud-mouthed and irritable as my little hormones were (LOL), somehow I was able to avoid offending everyone around me when they asked why I do certain things and then responded with "well, we did things differently in my day..." Grr. The best advice I can give you is, read all the books that interest you, listen to all the all-too-eager advice-givers around you, but put on your thinking cap before you make any decisions. You, your partner and your doctor or midwife know what is best for you and baby. Don't read so much you worry yourself sick...but you probably will anyway...lots of first-time moms do...Smile often, breathe deeply. Stick with your convictions...
Haley picture
To say don't take anyone's advice, is overkill. Having been through my first pregnancy 19 months ago, I would say listen to others advice because some of it will be helpful BUT some of it will not. Be informed, know your options, but in the end you will make the choices that work the best for you. Also, consider of the source of the advice. Some people gave me quacky outdated notions and others I knew would have good helpful advice for me. In the end, your will take it all into account and do the best for you and your family. It's all very personal and indiviual. Welcome to a beautiful beginning!
giraffelaff picture
I agree- don't take the advice of others, just find what works best for you and your child. They are all different and we are all different. No book can prepare you for what it will be like- you just have to "learn on the job"! Becoming a parent did make me more aware of what products we use and I did start switching to natural cleaning products and organic foods and that kind of thing. I think you realize that you don't want anything to hurt your little one and you realize that you want to leave the world a better place for them.
HeatherKennedy picture
My best advice for first time moms is don't take anyone's advice! No, really! My second piece of advice is along the lines of what you're already doing---keep it simple with a natural home and simple products that complement your parenting style. The less input you take from others, even those who give you useful information, the easier it will be to find the parenting style that works best with this new little person. I have three and they are all different---the second one was such a relief because it assuaged the guilt of everything I tried with my first that didn't work. It wasn't me, it was her! ;-)