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Celebrate May as Pregnancy Awareness Month

Author: mjb

Pregnancy Awareness MonthSeventh Generation's commitment to protecting future generations is much like a mother's: powerful and primal. We believe, just as a mother does, that personal and family health is paramount. And just as any parent, we want to leave this world better than we found it so our children -- and their children -- will lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

As such, we are excited to celebrate and support May as Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) -- a time to reflect on and honor pregnancy. PAM's mission is to provide new mothers a wealth of knowledge on the four tenets of pregnancy: exercise, nutrition, wellness, and nurturing. For the duration of May, PAM's web site will feature information by experts on each tenet, each week, respectively.

A pregnant mothers' body is an eco-system at its finest and is typically treated accordingly by detoxifying habits with adjustments to nutrition and physical activity. We encourage the same care be taken in the home to nest safely and prepare a non-toxic habitat for the amazing addition of new life!

PAM directly benefits Seventh Generation's non-profit partner, Healthy Child Healthy World, in its efforts to educate and support parents and caretakers about a non-toxic lifestyle for baby and family.

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Tell us: What did you or your partner do to improve exercise, nutrition, wellness or nurturing during pregnancy?


GREENwymans picture
I have two children. During my pregnancy with my first I made myself aware of what foods I was eating and the exercise that I was getting. Through out both pregnancies I did prenatal yoga and avoided sweets & fast food. I believe both helped me & the baby tremendously. By eating healthy I believe it helped shape myself and my husband to eat more consciously and therefore paving a healthy eating habits for the family when the baby got here. It also helped because I didn't have as much "baby weight" to lose once the babies were here. Now my oldest (3 years old) is the least picky eater I know and I get completments for it all the time. The yoga helped with back pains and repositioning baby into more comfortable areas (i.e. off my bladder) as well as making labor easier to manage as I was able to apply some yoga techniques to ease some contractions. I highly recommend both to ANY mom-to-be!!
svadhayaya picture
I definitely advise taking a Bradley course to anyone who's considering having a natural birth. The emphasis on the partner's role in the process is fantastic and makes the birth experience much more about the whole family. Regular visits to the farmer's market and lots of long walks (even when I got to the point where I didn't really want to move) kept me active and healthy, and opting to give birth at home was a great grand finale to our pregnancy experience.
awegner1 picture
During my recent pregnancy, despite some cravings, I maintained a healthy diet of lots of local and organic fruits and vegetables, locally sourced meats and dairy products, and lots of farm-fresh eggs. I did my best to keep my life low-stress while attending yoga classes and giving myself ample time to relax at home. At 32 weeks I stuck to an exercise routine provided in our Bradley method birthing classes and was able to have a very quick, peaceful, and drug-free home birth.