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Celebrate the 4th of July with An Inconvenient Truth

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I just saw Al Gore’s movie. I know why he named it An Inconvenient Truth. Because much of what we can and must do is in fact inconvenient. The movie left me deeply saddened and depressed since so much of what I can and must do I have left undone. I have been complacent, left this challenge in the hands of others, and failed to take adequate responsibility for my own actions. That is now over. While I can say I already knew much of what Gore had to say, seeing all the facts and implications assembled together in such a powerful way has moved me to commit to the actions I have left undone.

This is a fantastic and terribly important movie. If you haven’t seen it, please go.

I will change the car I drive (as I said two weeks ago in my Grist interview). I will increase my own knowledge and then share what I learn with others as I priority when I speak. I will explore and then act on additional ways that Seventh Generation can reduce and then eliminate it’s own carbon footprint. I will examine the possibilities of wind energy for my own home and our office. I will work to increase the effectiveness of how we communicate with our customers about how the recycled products we sell save energy. And I will do more. Much more.

Leaving the movie I picked up a copy of “You Can Prevent Global Warming – 51 Easy Ways.” While I’m usually a cynic about any easy solutions to tough problems, I’ll let you know what I learn. I also picked up a book on political and policy energy solutions. I also am thrilled that the organization whose board I just joined, Greenpeace USA, has made stopping global warming it’s number one priority.

Global Warming is one issue on which I need to do a much better job being The Inspired Protagonist.

Happy Fourth of July. Mark the day by seeing An Inconvenient Truth and spreading its message that we all must do everything we can to protect our nation and the world from climate change.