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Caring a Whole Awful Lot

Author: Seventh Generation

What do Sumatran Orangutans, Seventh Generation, The Philadelphia Zoo, Dr. Seuss and a Burlington elementary school have in common?

Far more than you might imagine.

This past April, The Philadelphia Zoo launched the "Unless" Campaign. Based on the prophetic words of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, the campaign is a five-year initiative to raise awareness of the near extinction of the Orangutan and to promote the use of sustainable palm oil as a means of protecting the remaining habitat of this great ape.

Since palm kernel oil is the single largest feedstock used by Seventh Generation to formulate our cleaners and personal care products, we've committed to sourcing 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm. Together with the Philadelphia Zoo, we're also supporting the efforts of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) in Sumatra and the Tuanan Orangutan Research Project in Indonesia by funding projects that conserve the last remaining forests.

Under the umbrella of the "Unless" Campaign, the Philadelphia Zoo is also engaging kids in a variety of actions to save Orangutans. The Zoo is mobilizing grade schoolers in a letter-writing campaign to send 6,600 thank you letters -- one for every Orangutan in Sumatra -- to companies and manufacturers committed to sustainable palm oil.

Building on that campaign, Seventh Generation is working closely with the Philadelphia Zoo and the Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes School in Burlington, Vermont to develop the Green Ambassador Program. The year-long, after-school program will raise student awareness of the plight of the Orangutan and the increasing habitat loss the species faces as a result of palm oil production in Indonesia. Students will learn about 100% certified sustainable palm oil, how increasing supply and demand is critical to saving Orangutans, and share what they've learned with their school and their families. 

By working with the Philadelphia Zoo and the Sustainability Academy to help save the Orangutan, Seventh Generation is helping the Green Ambassadors discover, as the Lorax eloquently stated "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

Join us in supporting the Unless Campaign. Learn more and take the Orangutan oath today.


Photo:  Albuquerque BioPark


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Congrats to Seventh Generation for having high quality products without testing on animals
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See complaint made and bogus reassurance received back from TJ's. It's not an ingredient -- it's the main ingredient. And the chocolate truffles are on an endcap prominently displayed for everyone grabbing holiday gifts right now. This cannot continue.
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I think it is fantastic that Seventh Generation is going to be using sustainable Palm oil in its products. Will this be identified on the labels? How does one know if palm oil in other products on grocery store shelves is natural or sustainable?