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Carbon Copy: More on Offsetting Our Climate Impacts

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Author: the Inkslinger

Last week’s guest post from Harvard Kennedy School of Government student Cristiana Fragola referenced some carbon offset services she’d recommended to her fellow undergrads by e-mail but didn’t provide any specifics. That had people in these parts wondering just what those services were. I asked Cristiana and she said we should just post her original e-mail, which I thought was a most excellent idea. Thanks Cristiana!

Yesterday, in another of his elegant and super-eloquent speeches, the former next president of the U.S, Al Gore, clearly said that we may not even have the luxury of figuring out adaptation costs for the impacts of global we simply will not survive if temperature keep rising at current levels. M

According to some scientists, including Jim Hansen, we have 10-15 years left to stabilize the process. Do you really have to worry about the name of your kid or what to do with your life in the meantime?

Option A: start partying until it lasts.

Option B: make a difference & lead by example.

You can do both, actually. Since you already know how to party, an idea for the second option it to offset the CO2 tons emitted by your X-Mas/Holidays travels. It's cheap and it's easy. Even I did it, when I bought my ticket to Italy. When you purchase a ticket with Expedia, it offers you the direct link to TerraPass and in one simple click everything is calculated for weird mind-twisting numbers like 10^9!!! My total offsets cost was $15. Perhaps in time we can even negotiate a Harvard discount, since Expedia is Harvard corporate vendor for our staff & faculty (who could offset too, hint-hint).

Another great offsets provider is Climate Care, which invests primarily in projects in developing countries and reforestation.

Both providers top ranked in the offsets consumers report recently published by Cool Planet and don't charge a high fee, unlike others.

I would request to the various student caucuses, organizing amazing trips from Korea to Japan with current and future government leaders, to explore this form of "applied leadership" as well.

Sorry for the spam, but your travel CO2 emissions will spam the atmosphere even more. :-(

With warm gratitude & best wishes for at least twenty more X-mas,

Cristiana Fragola
Sustainability Officer, Corporate Responsibility Council
Zuckerman Fellow, MPA/MC '07
Kennedy School of Government