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Cancer, Cured.

Author: the Inkslinger

Here’s an unhappy personal fact: A few years ago, my father died of cancer not long after his father died of cancer. Soon after that, two of my father’s three brothers died of cancer, and this July my own brother was diagnosed as well. That leaves me feeling like I’ve got an oncological bull’s-eye painted on my back in carcinogenic ink.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but in recent years, a whole lot of medical ugly in my world has made cancer impossible to personally ignore. It isn’t knocking at my door. It’s barged in, sat down, grabbed the remote, and stolen the popcorn bowl. Thinking it could never happen to me is no longer a viable option.

So what do I think instead? Along the way to figuring that out, I discovered a book called Anticancer, by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, which anyone who has cancer, knows someone who does, or wants to avoid it themselves must read right now.

Its core idea is pretty simple: Every human body creates cancer cells. But not everybody gets cancer. Why? The answer is surprising: Because cancer mostly only comes when we let it.

Now that’s obviously not always true. In some cases, we are predisposed and perhaps even predestined to get cancer. But genetics, it turns out, is a bit player in this medical drama. At most, Dr. Servan-Schreiber tells us, just 15% of all cancer mortality is due to what’s in our genes. The rest is essentially up to us.

The evidence strongly suggests that the real reason we fall into cancer’s clutches is because we diligently work against our bodies’ efforts to kill it. We eat nutritionally vacant garbage and live stressful, sedentary lives in environments filled with toxins. It finally all becomes altogether all too much for our systems to bear.

To a shocking degree, the book echoes my own wholly unsubstantiated personal theory that the body is a remarkably resilient machine. Given half a chance it can overcome a crappy diet or an out-of-shape physique. It can survive stress or polluted surroundings. But I have long believed that it cannot do all these things, all the time, forever. Punish it from enough directions, and it breaks. The table can stand without a leg or two, but take them all away and it’s Humpty Dumpty time.

Yet if we at least meet our bodies halfway and, say, exercise during times of stress or eat well in a polluted world, there’s a chance that when our immune systems encounter rogue cells trying to turn into tumors, they’ll have what it takes to take those cells out.

So after spending a summer in the hospital enduring a series of unspeakable befores, durings, and afters filled with scalpels and consultations, I’m putting Dr. Servan-Schreiber’s advice to work and going on the offensive. When cancer tries to set its sights on me, as it will inevitably on all of us, I’m shooting for bulletproof. Will it work? Let’s just say I’m hoping. But at least if it doesn’t, I’ll know I did what I could.

Dr. Servan-Schreiber tells us that there is a cancer epidemic in the industrialized world. Its causes are many, and the war against it must be fought on many fronts. Some involve government. Some involve business. But the most important involves only ourselves and the decisions we make. We are sick largely because we ourselves have made it so. It’s time to change that. A healthy world can only come from healthy people. Let us be those people. Our future, both alone and together, is counting on it.


Lori Klamner-Wood picture
Lori Klamner-Wood
Let's not forget that cancer kills, and is painful, and destroys. I want to lend my emotional support to those who HAVE NOT been able to beat their illnesses. I want those people and their loved ones to know that I DON'T BLAME THEM. We can all try to be "healthier than thou" but we will all finish our days one way or another. These posts sound like scolding "you should have been healthier" when compassion is needed.
Ellen White picture
Ellen White
If you are a label reader you'll know that red dye 40 is practically in EVERYTHING! Even things you wouldn't believe. This is a known cancer causer and is widely used in America but banned in other countries!!! Please read your labels and stay aware :)
macaroni kid joco picture
macaroni kid joco
Great post! I really believe this too! After working in a chemical lab, facing infertility, reading tons of blogs and articles, etc. it just makes sense. They say a baby is born with 200 chemicals in his/her body. Our family has slowly taken steps to improved health over the last 3 years. First we eliminated soda. Next all food dyes, additives and preservatives. No chemical cleaners in our home. More home cooked meals. Minimal fast food. I will do everything in my power to prevent us all from getting cancer and other auto-immune diseases, which I personally believe are triggered from our chemical exposure!
leahbrookebaking picture
i was on a one way road to... well somewhere really bad (growing up right near Love Canal, eating crappy food, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, drugs, chemical exposure from work, emotionally abusive relationship, on and on). 3rd time's a charm. The 1st 2 times cervical and vulvar cancer struck I just cut it off, but as you poison your bodies environment you can't just keep carving out the pieces of yourself that have reached max capacity of toxins. 3rd time they wanted to cut off my entire external lady parts and some inside stuff, too. That was enough motivation for me to look for some real answers! I refused treatment and changed my whole life. After 1 year of cleansing on the raw food diet, wheatgrass juice therapies, yoga, meditation, and more - all of my cancer spots were gone. I didn't beat cancer, I thanked my cancer cells for teaching me a valuable lesson, that I doubt I could have learned any other way. Now I eat organic, avoid all the harmful chemicals that I am able, and don't stress about the ones I am not. 8 yrs later I am still healthy with 3 beautiful kids.
gregcat picture
How do you alkalinize water? Or what does the person mean who says they "alkalize" every day? chad
CT picture
A very well written commentary ... my father, god-father, uncle, aunt and grandmother have all gotten cancer. 4 of those 5 family members died from cancer. Cancer definitely doesn't politely knock at your door. Cancer indeed barges in, sits down, grabs whatever it wants and stays and stays ... unless you are pro-active. Jared Diamond, or Greg Pahl, or Lyle Estill all have books showing what we in the sustainable, community-scale world benefit from many times, every day: I. if we stay away from sugary, high fat, highly processed, petroleum-wrapped foods (seasonal, local food anyone?) ... think this is hard? It's not: look at in Louisville, KY ... they are a 52-week a year local sustainable to organic grocery service supporting 50-80 local farmers & food artisans allowing my family to eat healthy 3x a day. II. if we use non-toxic renewable fuels (biodiesel from waste anyone?) ... think this is hard? It's not: look at Piedmont Biofuels with 100% biodiesel in NC. Even better, compare among New Jersey post-Sandy, Louisiana post-Katrina and North Carolina today = which is the most prepared to beat cancer: III. if we exercise some ... ... then, just like societies where diabetes, heart attacks and cancer are virtually zero, our chances of long-term health are high. We need "Cancer Prevention" = healthy, local food + non-toxic energy & fuel. Local mission-driven initiatives need all the help they can get. Thank You Seventh Generation for opening up this forum to comments like this one ;-)
kmunoz1110 picture
Sugar is one of the main sources that makes our bodies acidic. Cancer thrives in acidic conditions. Many other foods are acidic as well, like meat. A diet of mostly vegetables, little fruit, little fish is recommended. No processed foods, no dairy. Alkalizing your water is recommended. Cancer also thrives in carbon rich environments, which are acidic. Smoking, drinking soda, no exercise, environment are directly involved with increased carbons. The problem with most is that people don't want to make these changes.
Sarahmuffin84 picture
I love your comment toward the end that "we ourselves have made it so". It is really easy to point the finger at the government, businesses, or our sickcare system, but where we really need to be pointing is at ourselves. We are each responsible for informing ourselves (or not) and for what we put on and in our bodies. It seems that personal responsibility has largely gone the way of the buffalo in my generation of upcoming leaders, and this is distressing on a number of levels. I am happy to see that there are a few others out there that see this problem, too. Live on!
rachnb28 picture
Recently a study showed that cancers sole energy source is glucose and can not live on ketones. so if you remove glucose from your diet and allow your body to use ketones as its primary energy source then cancer cells starve and die off. Reccomending a ketogenic diet.
mplsfamily picture
I highly recommend watching the movie "Forks Over Knives". It gives information about studies done independently and how they correlated. The one that struck me particularly was the China Study.
mlucio picture
To answer your question about sugar and cancer the answer is sugar is highly acidic. If you know how to balance the ph in your pool you can relate to ph in the body. We are 70% water. A diet high in sugar increases the ph of your body and allows disease to thrive. Cancer is just one of many diseases that can survive. That is why fresh fruits and veggies everyday throughout the day is so important.
tavsmom picture
At the ripe old age of 32 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that point I was already eating well and exercising every day, and learned I was not carrying the gene. My cancer was definitely environmental...I worked in a very stressful, highly toxic work setting. I took charge: left the toxins behind, was an active participant in my treatment plan, became a certified exercise instructor, and made even healthier choices in the food I put into my body at each meal (including fresh, local, and organic whenever possible; excluding meat; incorporating live and active food each day; and purchasing dairy items from farms which treat the animals with kindness and respect!) All of that plus support from family, friends, and my awesome Beagles did wonders. 10 YEARS LATER I am here and happy to encourage everyone to find their Anti-Cancer! picture
Was sugar mentioned? I keep hearing how horrible sugar is because cancer cells are attracted to it?
mlucio picture
I can appreciate your article and its relation to the fact that we as a people are causing our illness. Your diet directly affects the outcome of your immune system, body chemistry (ph) and overall health. I have worked in cancer and with blood disorders with kids For 17 yrs as a registered nurse. The rate of increase in illness is alarming . We as a family incorporate something alive with every meal and alkalize every day to maintain our body ph. If you stay surrounded by others that share your ideals you will have a better chance at success. Good luck!
RhondaWoman71 picture
I to am a cancer survivor- breast cancer that is. My cancer was environmental not hereditary. so I am trying to eat smarter, & excerise. to keep it away forever. I too felt like cancer barged in. but now I kicked it back to the curb.