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Can’t Get No Satisfaction

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Author: the Inkslinger

Sometimes a guest post arrives which needs nothing extra added from anyone here. This is one, and here it is…

Okay, here goes. My name is Judy Johnson and I am an ordinary-type person of no particular importance to anything or anyone outside of my own circle of family and friends. I do all in my power to do the things necessary to save our planet for the generations to come and to lengthen my life and its enjoyment, but doing that is so much more expensive than the alternative and I am a senior on a fixed income. My frustration is as follows.

Why do all the things that are healthy and planet-saving always cost so much more than the highly processed things that have all the nutrients and etc. removed? It doesn't make sense at all. For instance, I buy organic, pasteurized milk in glass bottles. There is a $1.75 deposit charged on the bottle that is only paid once it you bring it back each time you buy milk. That's a good thing that reminds people not to waste. However, the milk itself should cost less to produce because the process is less. Cows are milked by humans, not machines. No cost savings there as people must be paid and the cost for the electricity to operate the machines that had to be purchased is perhaps comparable. However, the cows teats do not become infected by human handling, so the vet bills are much less. The cows are milked only twice a day instead of four or more times. It costs less to feed cows organically; grass and grains vs. all that artificial stuff. Cows live longer. There's no cost for cartons that can never be re-used. There's no cost for homogenizing or the people to do it. That is only some of the less costs for such milk. There are other benefits the organic dairy farmer would reap. The manure from his/her cows would be better for fertilizing. The cows would have healthy offspring, producing more milk-cows and beef for those who are carnivores. All these are reasons why that milk should cost less, not more than non-healthy milk, fertilizer and beef, yet when I go to the grocers I find any-old-brand-of-milk costs $1.89 for a half gallon and my organic milk costs $4.89 for a half gallon. It is the same for any organic food or product.

The next thing is vehicles. There is a man who invented an engine that runs on water and has passed all the vehicle requirements. Is that vehicle ever going to be released to the public and if it is, is it going to be priced at six figures like the battery powered vehicles that go normal speeds and normal distances?

So there is my frustration. Can you tell me why organic and other healthy, planet-saving products cost more and is someone going to do something to rectify it soon?

Thanks for listening. Got any answers?