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Can This Man Save The World?

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Several weeks ago, my wife was emptying out her family’s home in Providence, Rhode Island, and she found this picture among the things her father had saved. On August 10, 1989, it appeared on the cover of the second section of New York Newsday, a daily newspaper in New York City. I hadn’t looked at it for many years.

While I did notice that I have aged quite a bit in the 18 years since the photo had been taken, the headline was what was really haunting. Perhaps it was just my youthful ignorance, but what in the world led the reporter, the editor, and me to even contemplate such a possibility. Can This Man Save The World? Moving beyond the possibility of blissful ignorance, I’m struck by an even more disturbing question. In many respects I actually do feel that I need to “help” (“help” being the operative word) save the world. So if this was announced to the public almost 20 years ago, how have I been doing?

This question scares the hell out of me. My natural inclination is to answer “not nearly well enough.” But that is, of course, the easy way out. What is required is both a deep and honest reflection about where I am relative to where I want to be, what I’m doing that has worked as compared to where I have failed, and how I can better fulfill my own potential.

The greatest limitation I face (as I have said many times before) is my own mind. My ability to remain conscious and reflective, to not be limited by old patterns that do not feel old, but rather comfortable.

More to come…