Burning Questions - Is global warming the question or merely a problem, a chimera, of an aging framework | Seventh Generation
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Burning Questions - Is global warming the question or merely a problem, a chimera, of an aging framework


I sat in the corner of a local coffee hideout the other day, listening to the walah of the store come alive in my mind. It seems from the many conversations that the Academy Awards were alive in everyone's dialogue, and sure the movies were a theme, but the ongoing "discuss" on the green-theme rang out. Gore was a hit. The awards were offset. And the loud call to the wild is that CO2 is it, a way to unite the common with an initiative that will end the threat of our many years of not paying attention.

I am in - I do all I can - beat myself (kindly) when I don't and thrive to drive deeper into being carbonless in my wastefullness. And still, (and ohh how to be inspiring in my and still-ing)... the world is driven by the forces of commerce - we work out of a particular framework which defines that commerce. It is a commerce built on "freedom", individualism, the dream we all can build any dream, and on a certain degree of reciprocity given certain parameters. It is a commerce driven by market forces that are now becoming mostly managed by the speed of the machine. It is a commerce that makes time shrink and egos rise, and stress streak out past the boundary of one's own free will to stop, say no, and sit back and see the rose that has been sitting on my table the whole time I have been wandering, wondering how the question of green really must take form. Is it green? is the threat just CO2? or are we still looking at the symptom...?

We look at the obvious and find a problem. We find a problem and in the beat of the find, there is this dance of what to do - what to do to solve the problem. Now in most cases (I am out on that limb) the motivation to solve the problem usually comes from the beat of anxiety - the fear that the problem will get worse or will f-up everything else etc etc etc. It is a beat - it is another familiar framework that we so easily put to practice, put into the whirlwind of the everyday. And true, the day can so easily become all-moments solving the problems that this so adequate framework can usually create-solve, efficiently.

Here again out on a limb, I want to make the most general statement that the framework for solving the problem
that is usually symptomatic to unseen questions within much bigger systems-worlds has made us slaves to being so practical to the point of being trite...sure we can check off the list-the problem, solved. But did we see the meaning of what was taking form in having the "problem" appear? did we step back, far enough, long enough so that the download framework of see-symptom-solve-problem, stop. And without the glimmer of anxiety to shove us back into the old, could we sit within the forces and see the whole system of imaginations that are alive and well, behind the obvious, and not at all defined by the chimera of the "problem" we almost created again to solve again ad infinitum-Sisyphusian-nauseum...? Can we sit and let the question that is trying to form in the apparent, deepen and be revealing of what the next "design" issue we face, is...?

Can we sit and let new frameworks and the creation of new frameworks (the design-consciousness of how we know) become our norm? This is not the norm - the academy still teaches from old frameworks - we have not a class or primer to this next level of build-new, design-new, prototype-new... we are all out in the deep end with our beingness and ability to create... we as human are one of the most under-utlized, maybe wasted resources that is of the earth, maybe cosmos...

Given this may be so, here is the first of a series of Burning Questions - if the question of global warming did not have to be framed as a "problem", rather was seen as the next level of design-different, what questions surface? what questions do we as humanity face in realizing our long journey as human on earth? are we designing for the wellbeing of all the many generations from now? are we realizing the meaning of the present framework and the need inherently within every framework to leap, to paradigm shift or maybe more a shift toward a yet conceived epistemology-framework waiting graciously in the wings, stage left...WR