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Brittany... Summer ending, School opening


Summer is coming to an end (obviously) and with summer's end, so ends the summer internship program. Brittany interned with me this summer. She worked hard, was innovative and questioning and downright forthright in helping our carbon reduction program find wings.

In her note to me thanking me for the summer, she talked about how much more she gained in the experience this summer at 7th Gen than in her time at college. I wonder if the academy is really ready for the future. I wonder if the academy really knows how to tap the knowledge that is bubbling in this burgeoning generation of youth that are seeing the future emerge in thoughts that have little to do with the medieval academic learning frameworks. When we are called as a world not to just SHIFT but LEAP into paradigms ready for prototyping, is the academy providing the ground for experience that will teach or will they still stay stuck to tests and grades and tapping only the knowledge base they profess to...

Brittany also taught me a lot this summer. She taught me to listen and pay attention in ways I was not...which is very good thing. Thanks B......WR