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Brain Burn

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The office is now quite as all have shifted their minds from here to there. There, the great and glorious weekend where we are now allowed to do time as we-please. And this weekend we get one-free-paid-day where we can again do time as we-please...funny how we all just do the weeks and then the weekends as if that is some profound pattern leading us Somewhere.

I wonder if there is meaning when we arrive at is odd how we think about work as if it is here and play is there, and then the thought, there needs to be a balance between the two as if we are overworked and underplayed (have not heard anyone reverse these ideas). I am also not sure why work and play are separate...

I worked as hard as I have ever worked this week. Or is it, I played as hard as I have ever played this week... It wasn't work (play) I was expecting. I was not expecting to work (play) at changing the very geometry of my thinking. A group of us began to think about Seventh Generation in a new framework. We had to walk our thinking out of the habitual world of the 7th Gen we hold as "true" and walk into a framework where we can begin to design regenerative product systems. Pfewwww....I found some unused IQ to momentarily free me of the old and begin to design the path to the new... And now, I am truly IQ is hovering around 25. I am overplayed...

I did have an epiphany from this process... I began to see the path to change - to truly change - hangs out in my will to move my thinking beyond the is very comfortable to see life from the same ole - same ole, and it is disorienting to move out of that world into the new, AND, it is interesting how I can consciously create the new once I am there...

And on...