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BPA in Cans

Author: sheila.B

Did you know that many canned foods come with a dose of BPA, the estrogenic chemical linked to breast cancer and many other diseases?

Last month, the Breast Cancer Fund co-released a study showing that when families took BPA out of their diets by eliminating canned foods and using BPA-free food containers, the levels of BPA in their bodies dropped by 60 percent on average.

The Breast Cancer Fund needs our help in getting the word out about BPA in canned foods. The group is spearheading a drive to send messages to canned food companies, asking them to get BPA out of their cans. Help BCF reach its goal of 20,000 messages to each company by clicking here.


jr.peng picture
I just wanted to say that I wholeheartedly applaud you for your efforts to maintain a green and safe home. I WISH (!!!!!) I could run my household the way you're running yours! Unfortunately for me, my husband is significantly less on-board with cleaning & clearing the house of harmful chemicals (he seems to think that my whole "green kick" is a hobby, or just a personality quirk); our roommate is even less so. (He refuses to use reusable shopping bags - "Those are for f*gs and guys who don't wanna get laid. No girl is ever gonna go out with a guy who uses those.") You can cut my frustration with a knife. I try my best to avoid canned food, although sometimes it just seems to be unavoidable in our home. We still use plastic food storage containers. I try to make sure everything is handwashed, because washing in the dishwasher not only wastes water, but the excessive heat exacerbates the leaching. I'm hoping to get glass storage containers, but I can guarantee you I'll be the only one who uses them. I also want to get rid of that awful vinyl shower curtain and replace it with hemp or bamboo. It's just so frustrating when every step forward I take is pushed 5 steps back by the actions and choices of those around me. Always stick to your guns when it comes to this stuff! You ARE making a difference, and it'll show in the health of your family! :)
Gen1331 picture
I'm not really sure why anyone on here cares if there is Bpa in coke or Pepsi's cans! There is so much nasty stuff in the product itself (high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified ingredients, and other chemicals and preservatives) that I would think that any health conscious person would view the whole argument as a moot point! Not to mention some of the political reasons to avoid supporting Coca Cola, a company that dumps it's sludge and toxic waste from it's bottling plants into India's drinking water supply and calls it "fertilization". I am interested to know if Hansens cans have Bpa in them however... To be honest I try to stay away from soda anyways. It's just a can of carbonated sugar-water at best!
ellen picture
I have stopped buying any foods in cans over 15 years ago when I heard about lead in the welds of cans. Five years ago I removed all plastic storage containers from my home. I only store foods in glass. I only used glass baby bottles also. I never get ice cream from a shop that uses styrofoam serving containers. I feel the less exposure my family has to chemicals, the better chance they have of not getting cancer or a deadly disease in the future. I'm sure BPA is in a lot more then we are aware of but as it's found out, it's eliminated from my home. Seventh Generation is my product line of choice for everything in my home.
rushgal picture
People, of course Coke (and everyone else) is going to make it out like BPA cans are safe! Your answer is YES, there is BPA in these cans and NO, it is never "ok". The only way these companies are going to change is if we finally stand up for our own health, stop purchasing these products, and write to these companies and tell them why you are doing so. BTW - last I researched, all cans contain BPA unless they are Eden Foods or are specially marked/marketed (ex - some cans at Trader Joe's claim not to have BPA).
mkoran picture
I'm sure it's cheaper to have cans with BPA & thanks why most of the companies won't changeit. I think everything should be in glass jars.
Anna Gates picture
Anna Gates
Yeah, but we're talking mainly old cans-cans. Like Campbell's.
Anna Gates picture
Anna Gates
Yeah I knew that.
alisue2@charter.net picture
I had heard that Coke was going to continue using BPA in their cans, so I emailed Pepsi to see if their cans have BPA. This is what they said: Thank you for contacting us at Pepsi-Cola Company about your concerns regarding Bisphenol A (BPA) in the manufacture of our cans and bottles. We appreciate your allowing us the opportunity to provide you with some facts. During manufacturing of the can linings, trace amounts of BPA are used to prevent spoilage and protect beverages from direct contact with the can. However, these trace amounts are virtually eliminated during the curing process which results in the polymer coating. In fact, to date cans used by the beverage industry have not been found to contain any BPA when tested by the FDA in off-the-shelf product examination or by independent laboratories. Bisphenol-A is not used to make plastic bottles that are generally used in the soft drink industry or for individual size bottled water. We use bottles that are generally made from polyethylene terephtahalate (PET). For recycling purposes, our bottles are designated with the number "1" which can be found on the bottom of the bottle. Please be assured that neither PET bottles nor their contents contain BPA. You can be certain that Pepsi-Cola Company and its bottlers insist upon the very highest quality and safety standards for our products and packages. If you have any other questions or concerns, you might want to visit their website at www.bisphenol-a.org. They make it seem like its not a big deal that their cans have a little BPA but I am not so sure.
maddwonderland picture
I to would also like to know which cans contain BPA? Is it just those three companies mentioned in the article? This is horrible because I use canned food a lot because sometimes it's a cheaper alternative.
Susan1322 picture
How do I know which cans contain BPA? Is it printed on the can?
Lilys Mama picture
Lilys Mama
Eden Foods Canned Beans do not contain BPA so it is possible.
fasterphyl picture