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Bonnaroo: Last Day


The sixteen of us from Seventh Generation, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Yestermorrow Design School, and Do Your Part looked a bit weary this morning. Five days of Bonnaroo-ing is documentary in and of itself. We have some interesting stories...

We have signed up 3,000 folks who have pledged to reduce their footprint by 10% by 2009 and who have taken the green footprint plunge...

The spirit of the folks here is incredible. People get it: "WE HAVE TO ALL DO SOMETHING, NOW." People here at the Festival are into creating a revolution of designing a life to reduce their ecological footprint. We are catching the spirit of these folks on video and will be blogging the video once we get home.

I am also impressed with the spirit of our group of 16 folks -- after 5 days of camping and Carbon Shredding, we are tired and still at work educating people on what they yearn to hear...I am thankful of their spirit in making this event a success.

Here are some pictures from the day...
Green Footprint