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Bonnaroo Carbon Shredders


Bonnaroo 2009They are off to Bonnaroo!!! A group of 7th Geners and Green Mountain Coffee folks are off to turn on Festival folks to Carbon Shredding (the fine art of considering in your every deliberation the carbon impact of all your decisions)! Our goal this year is to reach twice as many people as we did last year (3000) and to get them all to reduce their footprint by 20% by the 2010 Festival. Bonnaroo Carbon Shredders are also meeting up with Gardner's Supply folks at the festival -- so it is a Vermont group of socially responsible companies out to change the world...

Obviously too they are off to hear the music -- check out what you are missing

From Jasna Brown at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters at Bonnaroo:
"Hey, the booth is rockin', folks are loving the laundry line and seeing how easy it is to do laundry in cold water and use the sun to dry it. Many have pledged to start using the line to dry. Scavenger hunt is drawing the crowds and the 'almost famous' Carbon Shredders are famous now. We collected over 400 email sign ups in 4 hours."

Stay tuned for more daily updates and videos from Bonnaroo.

Shred on.

White Rhino