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Bonnaroo Carbon Shredders


Carbon ShreddersA group of us are in the solar bus, driving from Vermont to Tennessee to turn 80,000 people on to low carbon dieting.

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From The Bonnaroo Carbon Shredders website:
Individually we can each make a difference but together we can exercise real power by reducing our carbon power footprints. The Shredders are a hope-generating, "if it ain't fun don't do it," Shreddolutionary education group dedicated to helping concert goers save money on energy costs, reduce pollution, and create a clean energy future for the communities we live in. The goal is to reduce our collective energy usage and C02 footprint by 10% by Bonnaroo 2009. If 80,000 people each reduce their carbon footprint by 5% that would reduce our collective carbon output by hundreds of millions of pounds. Stop by the booth in Planet Roo, become a Bonnaroo Carbon Shredder, learn how to track and reduce your carbon footprint and what you can do at home to lose carbon pounds! Be the Biggest Loser. The Planet and all of us win.

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