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Bisphenol-Freakin’ A

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Author: the Inkslinger

ScienceMan sent me a great article this morning on bisphenol-A. As he said in his e-mail, “It confirms our worst fears about the chemical, the chemical industry, and our regulatory system.”

Now right away I know what everyone’s thinking… “Bisphenol what? Oh good lord… Spare me. I can’t even pronounce it let alone summon the necessary gumption to read an entire article about all this crap. Please just shoot me first.”

I dig the sentiment. It’s quite legit. Diving into this stuff will harsh your mellow, kill your buzz, rain on your parade, and wilt your will to live like it was a plucked flower in a pizza oven.

But here’s the thing: Everybody’s gotta start keying into this whole chemical contamination thing. Because it’s really right up there with the climate crisis in terms of the things we gotta fix yesterday if not sooner. People have to understand that what you can’t see can hurt you and it’s everywhere these days. In our food. In our water. In our soil. In ourselves. And it’s literally killing us softly with its discordant song.

Bisphenol-A is one of the A-List chemicals doing its level-headed best to wipe out humanity by the lunch time Thursday. Companies make a boat-load of it every year, much of which is used to make polycarbonate plastics (think hard plastic baby and water bottles), dental sealants, and linings for food cans. Which would be fine except that bisphenol-A leaches out of these and other things as if it were a bag of Earl Grey in a cup of hot water, and it’s like Freddy Kruger on steroids when it does. Teeny tiny levels of bisphenol-A in the body have been linked to hormonal disruption, hyperactivity, increased aggression, impaired learning, obesity, diabetes, puberty disruption, breast cancer risk factors, increased prostate size, immune system disruption, miscarriages, fetal development disorders... Need I go on? I thought not.

Read the article. Learn about bisphenol-a. At the very least check out this cool resource and also this other one, too. Everybody needs to know about this chemical, where it hides, what it’s doing, how to beat it. Then we all need to tell our friends and neighbors. Spread the word. And start yelling at the companies making and using this nefarious substance that they need to stop.

Because, you know… It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to kill ourselves to live well. We’re way more clever than that. It’s just easier for companies to maintain the status quo even when it kills their customers. So we have to make it harder for them not to change. And that effort starts with knowledge. Go get yours. Go get healthy. And then go get the people responsible for the ugly mess that’s being made.