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Biomimicry is Great, and...

Author: daron

Yo- Dan drank some BEVERAGES last night. What’s the consequence? No, he was not belligerent, no we wasn’t wacky. But as soon as he fell asleep it was like he was snoring Beethoven’s Fifth. Alarming crescendos, measured and temporary pauses that brutally broke with piercing attacks. I thought the bunk was going to break. At 1:00AM I left for the sofa in the main room but after a couple hours started freezing out there. I crept back toward the room, listened from the hallway outside. Was it safe? No. It was a battlezone in there. But I had to brave it. I busted out the ipod and went in, hoping my personal soundtrack would overcome. After about an hour I gave up on the ipod, but Dan was still in full effect.

In the morning the other roommates shared their sleep deprived evenings. One guy got 2.5 hours of sleep and was BROKE for today’s exercises. The other guy managed to sleep through Dan’s bombs until 5:30AM. We all had a good, tired chuckle. I as dan 'so how did you sleep?' he said, 'great,' I said, 'I know.'

To remedy the situation we: 1. Cut Dan off the sauce early tonight (not really- he did it himself, just two flat tires) and 2. I rented a therma rest and sleeping bag, so I am taking my show to the deck, under the stars. BACK to nature. Back to PEACE times.

We walked about a mile in to a swimming hole and sat in the cold water. The sun dried us off on the way back. The views were GLORIOUS.

Today’s tasks:

We broke into groups to start our final objective- Are we ready to build the Biomimicry bridge- trying to convince those beset with ‘human problems’ that Nature is our best teacher? Penny and I are in the same group- answering the call of a company trying to decompose common plastics (PE, HDPE, PS). First we start with some core thinking- what is the nature of the problem, then we biologize the issue- how does nature decompose? Who are the natural ‘champions’ of decomposition? What can we learn from them? It will take hours of research and presentation formatting. We present tomorrow night. The key skill we are learning is to resist trying to solve the immediate problem but to see the core of the issue, provide Nature’s way of resolving the core issue, and share some insight, but not details, as to how nature could provide the answers to this particular case. I feel like I have come a long way in my understanding of the process. These few days haven’t made me want to study animals and plants (maybe ecosystems) but it has reinforced my reverence of the systems thinking work we are doing with carol and it has opened my eyes to the technique of asking- ‘what would nature do?’

Plus, I have learned when not to bunk with Dan. Key Knowledge.

Later in the evening we had ‘designers’ (mostly architects) venture into the compound so we could together use nature’s principles to come up with ways to improve transportation.

Photos are meant to give you a flavor of the inside of the hive. Penny and Dan chilling after doing mad research, and the presentation of the work we did with the designers.

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the last full day.