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Big Think

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Author: the Inkslinger

See…this is what I’m talking about. This is what I meant in my post of the other day. We gotta think big and we gotta think outside the box. That’s how we’re going to get where we need to go with this whole wacky climate crisis thing. Screwing in a couple of compact fluorescents and making our next car a Prius, while good and necessary and satisfying and righteous, aren’t going to cut the melt-down mustard. Not meaningfully. Not ultimately. Not when anybody who knows anything about climate and atmospheric science says we need a 90% reduction in global carbon output in the next 20 years tops or we’re toast. For that we need to dream and scheme and not just think outside the box but take the box out behind the barn, smash it to splinters, and torch whatever’s left.

We need big thinking. Huge ideas. Like Ausra's. Think of it. Ohmigod it’s glorious. It shines and beckons like a heated swimming pool in January surrounded by scantily-clad supermodels in the gender of your choice and filled with 25-year old single malt scotch. It makes me quiver in ways and places that are illegal if not at least frowned upon in certain jurisdictions below the Mason-Dixon line. Virtually every single kilowatt hour every single man, woman and child in the entire U.S. of A could possibly need to do every single thing they want to do from watch Admiral Adama find Earth on 60" of pure plasma glory to make blueberry scones for breakfast, all produced without emitting so much as a single atom of carbon using little more than bunch of mirrors on a forsaken slice of desert scrub just 92 miles square, a plot of land that represents a mere 10% of all the Bureau of Land Management holdings in just Nevada, upon which would happily and sustainably sit (and this is the best and most uncontrollable giggle-inducing part) technology we’ve got today.

What? Are we dreaming? You bet. And this is what happens when we do. We find solutions. We open the bottomless well of human ingenuity and use the limitless creativity we find there to invent cool stuff that does good things that need to be done. We solve problems, like how to store solar heat efficiently enough to power the entire freakin’ country pollution-free on a forsaken slice of desert scrub just 92 miles square. Make it a few miles more square and we can all drive electric cars that we plug into our garage sockets at night. Whoppee! Let’s all go for a nice long drive to wherever whenever. All of us. You, me, and that schmuck driving a Hummer to get his morning cup of bad corporate coffee. Now we’re cooking with gas. Or not, as the case may of course be.

What are we waiting for? Are we stoopid? Insane? Suicidal lemmings being led by the oil cartels and the Exxon-Mobils at their teats over the edge of the onrushing petro-soaked cliffs of doom? Just what is the deal here? Sure, it’s gonna cost a little dough. What that is worthwhile doesn’t? But we can afford it. Or maybe it’s that we can’t afford not to. Either way, if we can find the cash to fund a sad and senseless misbegotten war launched for no reasons whatsoever except maybe some weird pathology a White House psychiatric team could uncover if they had a few years and weren’t afraid to be left alone at the Naval Observatory with Darth Vader, surely we can all chip in to save the entire world and the future of humanity itself. What’s that worth to you, Mr President?