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Big Sky and Mountains and a Whole Lot of Learning

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Mimicking nature in product design? How cool is that? Biology? Product Design? I'm a quality geek (sans the pocket protector), how will this relate to what I do? Therein lies the beauty of Seventh Generation, we are constantly changing in one way or another and we are encouraged to expand ourselves both personally and professionally. I struggled over whether or not to come, my beautiful 4 year old, my happy 5 month old, my husband and the 10,000 or 15,000 people at my parent's farm (more on that later) were all things that tore at my heart. Am I shirking family responsibilities for selfish, personal reasons? "Mommy, why do you have to go to Monana?" "That's MonTana, Bec." "I'll miss you mommy!" Ugh. "I'll miss you too, sweet pea. This trip is an incredible opportunity for me to learn a whole lot about nature and how it can teach us to design products." "Nature? Are you going to learn about turtles?" "Ummm, maybe!" "How about bugs? And WORMS?" "Yeah, probably, Bec" "That's cool!"

And so, ultimately, with support from my amazing family and this great company for whom I work, I am able to come.

We journeyed through the prairie and ag lands to get to this place (Oh yeah, and those multiple plane trips Daron mentioned). This place where the Plains meet the Rocky mountains. Where we watched elk and deer on a distant hill. Where we got our bear safety training. Where today we will search for champions and find the answer to the burning question, do insects really matter? (There you go Bec, I AM learning about bugs, pretty cool indeed). I am the first one up this morning, still on East Coast time. I am watching the sun rise over the Rockies and I am in awe of Creation. Those 10,000 people at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival on my parents farm in Hillsdale, NY echo far in the back of my mind as I settle in for a new adventure....