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A Better Fit for Baby -- A Better Fit for the Planet

Author: Seventh Generation

We're delighted to have the Lorax stamp of approval on our improved Free & Clear Diapers and Training Pants!  We love keeping tender little bottoms happy with our fragrance-, latex-, and chlorine-free  protection. Both products offer the same premium absorbency, but we're also thrilled to announce that our Free & Clear Diapers now come with softer tabs for a more comfortable, adjustable fit and our Free & Clear Training Pants now have a more eco-friendly core made with a blend of wood-pulp, corn, and wheat-derived materials to reduce the use of non-renewable petrochemicals.

To celebrate Seventh Generation's partnership with NBC universal in the cinematic debut of Dr. Seuss' The LORAX, premiering in theatres worldwide on March 2, 2012, Free & Clear Diapers and Training Pants will feature delightful, limited-edition Lorax prints. Like Dr. Seuss's The Lorax, we're dedicated to "speaking for the trees" and leading the Seventh Generation Nation to a cleaner and greener future.

You'll find Free & Clear Diapers and Training Pants with limited-edition Lorax prints on Seventh Generation's online store, at Amazon.com and Diapers.com, and at Hannaford, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, and select Target stores.



kbecks picture
i subscribe and got lorax diapers in my subscription from amazon. i feel tricked. that is not what i subscribed to. if i wanted cartoons and marketing images i'd buy huggies. if you must do it let uses choose it on the shelf. it is a lie and dishonest to start shipping something i didn't order / subscribe to. pls refund.
DC1919 picture
You people need to give it up already. What a life you must have to sit around and complain because your child’s diaper has a logo on it. Seventh generation is a great company and does wonderful thing for the environment. So what if it has a logo of an environmentally friendly movie on it. Many of us normal moms think it adds a cute touch to the diapers. Don’t you put pants on your child anyways?
nbahnsen picture
I am unhappy with an advertisement being slapped on my baby's behind. I also use cloth most of the time, but chose seventh generation dipes as my son's "overnighters." I used to chose seventh generation over Earth's Best because there is nothing on the diaper. But I would rather advertise a diaper I use rather than I movie I won't go see. I am very disappointed in the the fact that your company sold out.
Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@nicolek- All of our diapers are switching over to diapers with the Lorax on them for the time being. This should be what you automatically recieve from Amazon.com. We are happy that you like them!
Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@jbikel, @samanthafrance, @thankyoutoo- Thanks for taking the time to express your feelings about our new diaper design. I'm sorry to hear that the Lorax being printed onto our diapers is in any way an inconvenience for you. They will be temporarily printed on our diapers for a period of time. We have heard many requests that is this something that many of our customers wanted to see and would enjoy. We felt that this was the perfect time to try this out, as we feel that the Lorax is in alignment with our mission, and therefore a great character to put onto our diapers. I'm sorry to hear that you will not be enjoying what we had hoped to be a fun and exciting change to our diapers. Know that these changes do not affect either the quality of our diapers, or the ecological benefits of them. Thanks again for your feedback while we play around with new ideas as we grow and change.
Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@Kipp, @Ginamarie- It is true that BabiesRus is no longer carrying our diapers. Diapers.com, Amazon.com, and our web site are great places to find them over the web. Otherwise, check our store finder for local options. Click the "Where to Buy" tab at the top center of the web page to see if there are other options locally for you. For further assistance please contact Customer Service at 1-800-456-1191.
Thankyoutoo picture
I will not buy the diapers if they have an advertisement for a movie, let alone one I would never let my children go and see! I will switch to Earth's Best before I use those! I use cloth most of the time except for trips and overnight. But I do buy one pack of diapers every week and a half. I will switch to Earth's Best for wipes too if this is how you are going to treat your customers. All to make an extra buck, when your items are way over priced for the most part anyways! I think not. Also, I just bought a pack of diapers, before reading this, or I would not have, online and had it for in store pick up at my local Babies R Us store. They still sell them online at at our store in Huntsville. I just won't be buying them anymore after this pack. I'll switch back to Earth's Best. Harder to find but I don't have to worry about having something I don't believe in on my child's bum that way. I am a Christian and would not let my children watch that movie, let alone let you advertise on my child. I won't let a car dealer put his name on any vehicle I buy because I PAID for the car, no free advertising from us. I won't purchase clothing with companies names and logos on it for the same reason. Unless you are PAYING ME you don't get free advertising from me. Thanks and God bless you, you are going to need it after this screw up.
samanthafrance picture
I buy the 7th Generation diapers for several reasons, and one of them is that they have nothing printed on them. I absulutely hate diapers with cartoon characters or any other type of marketing attempt. I hope that regular diapers will still be available in the meantime. If not, I might, at least temporarilly, switch to another earth friendy brand.
jbikel picture
I really hate this for so many reasons. 1) My child is not for rent. I hate marketing towards child in any form, especially when they are so young. You should really be ashamed of yourselves. One of the reasons why I've always like 7th Generation diapers I because they were plain without all the junk on them. 2) I love the Lorax and I've read it many, many times. To co-opt the Lorax as a sales tool for disposable diapers is hideous. Its like some sort of horrible joke. What could you possibly be thinking? Seriously, that makes you the new Once-ler. We've always used a mix of cloth and disposables but seriously, they've never looked more like Thneed. 3) If you really did feel a burning desire to tart up your diapers why choose the hideous art associated with this likely to be horrible bastardized movie. The art looks horrid. Dr. Seuss' art is wonderful, just as it is.
ginamarieweiss@optimum.net picture
I too, have found out that Babies R Us is not carrying your diapers anymore, and I am disappointed. However, in response to Kipp, i did purchase them through your website, with no shipping! This is a great alternative, until hopefully Babies R Us wakes up! (I did send them an email expressing my dissatisfaction)
nicolek picture
If I've got a diaper subscription through Amazon.com, will I just be automatically sent the Lorax diapers in my shipment, or would I need to change my subscription specifically to them? I want the prints, but don't really want to mess with my subscriptions (I've got two in diapers). It will be nice to have a print, for a little while, at least. When people see our diapers they always ask about them because they're plain, unlike any other diaper. My husband calls them the kids' "lunch sacks". :)
Kipp picture
After 15 minutes of searching, hitting the call Help button, waiting another 10 minutes to not have anybody come help me, I finally found the remaining three size 4 packs of your diapers in the clearance section. So I guess they the Toys/Babies R Us chain is no longer carrying them? As much as I hate shopping at the big box stores, they usually had the best prices. I've never seen them at Target, I don't shop at Walmart. So I'm left to get them at either our local Grocery store chain Harris Teeter; which seem to only have your really old, back stock(at least one version before you started with the "Free & Clear" labeling, or Whole Foods. I guess I'll have to start using Diapers.com, unless you've got some better suggestions as where to get them. Thanks!
Harrismike picture
I have seen others with 7th generation coupons. where can I find them? I use a ton of your products, and I especially love to use your diapers. Coupons for them would be a great help. Thanks