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Becoming an Activist

Author: Kendra Sibilia

It was 6:10 on a hectic Wednesday night. I was at Spirit Dancer receiving a healing touch and getting my chakras aligned. It was difficult to sit in silence and meditate while my mind was occupied with thoughts of Laurie David’s speech at 6:30. I knew I would be late. After taking a moment to come back to reality, my friends and I rushed to Ira Allen Chapel to hear the speech. All of the seats were taken so we had to find room on the floor of the Campus Center Theatre to watch Laurie on the big screen.

I enjoyed her speech very much. She talked for about 45 minutes and then entertained questions and comments. Some interesting facts she provided the audience with were to educate us on how severe the issue really is. Our refrigerators use the most energy out of all appliances. The paper bags we use at the grocery store take 4 times more energy to make than the plastic ones. Unfortunately less than 1% of those bags used are recycled. Another alarming fact is that in China one coal plant is constructed each week. Her speech was filled with terrifying facts. This was all done in preparation to let the audience know what they can do to make a difference.

Laurie David expressed the idea of the power of ONE. We need to reflect on our lives. It is important for every individual to behave in a manner where our actions benefit the future of the earth. Laurie also stressed the point that we need to make global warming a voting issue and get the new Congress involved. The solution starts with YOU and the actions needed to be taken are feasible. Together we can consciously live our lives in a way that solves global warming.