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Back to School Special

Author: the Inkslinger

Back to School SuppliesIt came late the other night, borne by hammering rain and tearing winds, announced by the white glare of skyfire and its riotous clamor. As it did, Vermont's sweet precious summer began its slow and inexorable fade.

This is the way it always happens here on our nation's far northern edge. Summer will bounce right back, of course, and remain for weeks to come. But the air today speaks of other things. Of wood smoke and the crunch of fallen leaves. Of frost on grinning pumpkins. Of a return to school and to the rhythms of life that were so cheerfully abandoned last June.

With that in mind, we have created a new Seventh Generation Back to School Guide. We hope you will use it to make the coming season of new classrooms and reunited friends as safe as it is sustainable for everyone in your family!

photo: evelynishere