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Back To School, Green To School

Author: the Inkslinger

Back to School GirlsRight now in my house, we're doing what I suspect many Nation members are doing in this recessionary year: When it comes to back-to-school prep, we're reusing and repurposing what we can. And we're filling in the supply gaps with some judicious green buying that will let our daughter tread lightly on the earth when she walks into her 6th grade classroom.

We've been heartened to discover that it's getting easier to find environmentally-conscious gear. As more and more people become aware of the need for low-impact living, the options are proliferating, and we've gathered a few of our current favorites in this new look at green back to school supplies. Use it to turn the start of your school year into a lesson in sustainability.

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Family Fun magazine (I think the September edition) has a good article on making your own containers for lunch boxes. One is made out of a quart size milk carton, another from a plastic bottle. We haven't tried it yet, but they look easy and fun to make.
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Another great sandwich/snack wrap is the Wrap-n-Mat, available at Machine washable, just don't put it in the dryer (we learned the hard way....)
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To my dismay, my son's school does not allow students to have their own supplies. They require you to purchase from a list and contribute to a classroom pool from which all students pick throughout the year as needed. Are there any thoughts or recommendations? I have already purchased the non-green versions of the required supplies, with the exception of hand sanitizer and baby wipes.
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There are lots of great and inexpensive things on the site that sells the Greenciles - - for kids and adults. We love the snackTaxi's, stainless steel straws and lunchbags! They also have other recycled school supplies and give a percent to schools.
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Target is selling some cute recycled pencils that are less expensive than the ones listed in this article. Then are in a brown box with a frog design on the front. 16 pencils for $1.
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Felice Farran
Make sure to include a cloth napkin in your reusable lunchboxes. Switching from paper napkins to cloth makes sense both enviromentally and economically. "A household of four that replaces paper napkins with reusable cloth ones could save $70 per year or more on napkin costs, and reduce their waste by up to 40 pounds per year. If every household made this shift, we could prevent 1.5 million tons of paper napkin waste from entering the landfill each year.*" Find cloth napkins sized just right for the lunchbox at Of course, if you have to use a paper napkin use Seventh Generations napkins made from recyled paper. :) *Source