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Back to the Future

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This weekend my family and I returned to New York City for a four-month stay after 15 years in Vermont. Our move was prompted by having two of our three children attend New York University this Fall. Our youngest daughter will spend the semester at the local Rudolf Steiner School. As we move from a large five-bedroom house on the shore of Lake Champlain to an 800 square foot apartment in mid-town Manhattan (luckily our daughter Chiara will live in the same building with her grandmother) it feels more like living in an hotel room than a house.

The noises are different. Our dog, Jack, can’t find any grass. There are lots and lots and lots of people and smells of a different sort than we’re used to in Vermont abound. I am cautiously optimistic. I will be in Vermont for a few days every other week. When I’m in New York I plan to re-discover its neighborhoods, music, art, educational opportunities, and people. The trip also coincides with my hope to finish most of the work on a new book that I began this summer.