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Baby Your Baby's Skin When the Sun Shines

Author: Seventh Generation

Chances are, you're aware that babies are more susceptible to sun damage than adults are. But do you know why


Regardless of age, just about everyone produces a pigment called melanin that protects their skin against DNA damage from ultraviolet rays. Since babies make less melanin than adults do, their skin cells can be damaged after less time in the sun. Aside from the misery caused by a sunburn, damage done by ultraviolet rays to a person's skin cells in infancy or childhood is a major risk factor for several cancers, including melanoma.


The good news is that more and more parents are aware of the need to protect babies (and everyone in the family) from damaging UVA and UVB rays with clothing or broad spectrum sunscreen.  And because chemicals can seep into baby's skin more easily than they can into an adult's, many pediatricians recommend the use of a physical sunscreen – like Seventh Generation's top-rated Baby Sunscreen.

The gentle, SPF 30 formula spreads easily and features non-absorbing mineral sun filters that stay on the skin's surface to defend against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Lightly scented with essential oils and botanical extracts of chamomile and lavender, the water-resistant, formula contains no chemical sunscreens, parabens, or gluten. It's safe for both face and body, and great sunscreen choice for the whole family.

Just remember that The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that for children under six months, caregivers use a non-chemical sunscreen (like ours) only on small areas of skin if adequate clothing and shade are not available.

How do you have fun in the sun with your family?  Post your answers here. We'll draw 5 posts at random to receive a free tube of our Baby Sunscreen.