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Ask a Green Pediatrician About Diapering

Author: Seventh Generation

Dr Greene Goes OrganicWhat questions do you have about diapering your baby or toddler?

Want to know when it's time to go up a size?

Tips for avoiding irritation?

Ask renowned pediatrician and green living expert Dr. Alan Greene in this space and we'll be back to you with answers to your most pressing questions.


AndreaDenise picture
My 6-month old has very sensitive, diaper rash prone skin. I'm searching for good swim diapers (without all the chemicals) which are required at our health club's pool. I'm worried if I put her in regular swim diapers, she'll get a rash.
wickenching picture
Most regular drug store diaper rash creams contain nasty stuff that forms a very hard to remove film on cloth diapers. Regular washing will not remove it. Desitin particularly is bad as it contains fish oils that act as a repellent thus not allowing the diaper to absorb properly and causes stink and rash issues.
izalina picture
My 10 month old is very sensitive and I change him asap when he has a wet diaper. I use MotherLove Diaper Rash and Thrush ointment (1oz. jar). I've used other organic and non-organic expensive creams, lotions and ointments and they do not work (also use "sensitive" diapers and wipes). I keep going back to MOtherlove ointment and his bottom is very healthy and rash free. I totally recm'd to anybody who has issues with diaper has an ingredient especially for rash that I have not found in others...Good Luck!
christy1981 picture
I really want to cloth diaper my baby. My family has spent hundreds of dollars on cloth diaper products but it seems like my son just does not do well in them. I feel like I'm doing all I should. I change him as soon as he gets wet, I use zero residue detergent in the wash, I've tried many creams and many other things but he still gets diaper rash. My grandmother (mother of 15) and mom want me to use cloth as well but it seems the only thing that works with my son is disposibles and good ol'Desitin. Whats going on? Am I doing something wrong?
New-Mom picture
Sometimes I think my baby's "diaper rash" is just chaffing from the diaper itself, especially due to the location of the rash. Is there anything I can do to prevent chaffing, or at least minimize it? Should I put diaper rash creams on these areas?
wolfinillinois picture
I know that this is the 'diaper' article, but there wasn't a place to comment for the 'foods best bought organic' one. Please, please add the caveat that there are a few factory farm type dairies that take advantage of a grazing requirment loophole to call their milk organic, altho in reality it comes from dirtlot-kept animals that never get to be on grass. The standards have been tightened, but as these people are always looking for ways to cut their bottom line we have to stay vigilant.
momtofaith picture
For baby wipes Flannel is a great way to go, you can make your own or google cloth baby wipes. For a swim diaper have you thought of using a cloth swim diaper. Our local community center has strict rules regarding swim diapers and I have always used a cloth one with a PUL layer with no issues. In reality even disposable swim diapers only real purpose is to contain solid waste if a child happens to go while in the water and cloth is just, if not more effective since you can actually get a good fit around your child's waste and legs. I just leave it out to dry when we are done and reuse it the next time we swim, which is daily in the summer.
llferraro picture
My two year old has very sensitive skin and many environmental allergies. We currently use Seventh Generation diapers and good old washcloths in place of wipes. Now that summer is just around the corner, I'm searching for good swim diapers (without all the chemicals) which are required at our local YMCA pool. I'm worried if I put him in regular swim diapers, his skin rash will return...any ideas??
Clairity13 picture
is there a 'greener' alternative to disosable baby wipes? What kind of cloth would be least irritating to baby?
kimberlytos picture
What is the most effective way to clean my baby off during a diaper change and what is the best way to prevent diaper rash? Should I use something every time or only if he is irritated? I have had people buy me Butt Paste (I do like that name) and Vaseline and tell me to use it after each change to protect his skin. I haven't had a chance to try anything out yet, I'm still four weeks from my due date. I plan to use disposable diapers. I am stocked on 7th Generation diapers and wipes!