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Around the Blogosphere...

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Author: Kendra Sibilia

While looking at other bloggers who use our product, encourage others to live non-toxic lives, and generally promote everything we work for here at Seventh Generation, I became inspired. Reading about others’ passions and missions to save the Earth is incredibly rewarding. On the blog Something Good, O My Goodness writes about the irony of having to hide away the toxic cleaning products you spray all over your home. She rarely has children at her home, however when the occasion does occur, she realized safety is an important issue. She advises placing the toxins out of reach of children and away from food, but especially using non-toxic products to begin with.

Another blog that caught my eye was The Good Human. David from California writes about the bizarre advertisements promoting pouring bleach where children play, eat and pee. David notes that bleach is an extremely toxic chemical with harsh side affects if contact is made. Again, solutions are proposed and replacing this harsh chemical with safe products that cause no side effects is feasible. It is truly exciting to read in their own words how people are enjoying the positive results of using Seventh Generation.

Finally Jeff Merrell’s blog, Doing Well by Doing Good was interesting and educational. Jeff discusses the idea of toxic lockouts, where companies are unable to sell their products in certain markets because they contain certain banned chemicals. Jeff wrote that he appreciates the work Seventh Generation and The Inspired Protagonist have done on this issue. What followed was a refreshing, encouraging dialogue between Jeff and other bloggers. We all need to educate each other and motivate others to get involved in these issues.

Looking at personal blogs and absorbing the meaningful and enthusiastic material they provide is stimulating. I love these relationships and hope we can continue communicating and acting on all the issues we are passionate about!