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Are You Ready to Make Nice with Germs?

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Author: MeghanB

The recent history of pandemics suggest the topic of germs is far from ordinary. In general, we know what they are and how they spread and we take precautions accordingly. But as illnesses continue to affect everyone, especially keeping children from day care and school, perhaps the simple notion of germs warrants review.

For example, did you know that all germs are not created equal, therefore, not all germs are bad? Or that getting dirty can be a good thing to help build immune systems?

As the Seventh Generation family worked hard to bring you our botanical disinfecting cleaners that are Powered By CleanWell™, we found the history of germs and their treatment to be quite fascinating. Herewith, a story of a historical "light bulb moment" and how it came to shape a healthier future.

First, freely share this with your family and friends, your children and even use in the classroom.

Then go have fun and play in the dirt.