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April Scours

Author: the Inkslinger

I've worked for Seventh Generation in one capacity or another for 19 years, which means that it's been about two decades since I switched exclusively to green cleaning products. I am most happy about this decision in April and May, when the annual rites of spring cleaning begin.

After a winter of white-outs and a March filled entirely with mud, our Vermont home is in desperate need of major renewal. So we put our game face on, grab an armload of Seventh Generation products, and jump right in.

And that's the beauty of it -- we don't have to think twice about what we're spraying, pouring, and wiping with. Whatever it takes, whatever we need, Seventh Generation is there to do the job in a way that gives us a great clean plus great peace of mind. Using green products makes me feel good in all the ways that count, which, after all, is one of the benefits of spring cleaning.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm still dreading the big clean up. It's not going to be pretty. But at least with Seventh Generation in my spray bottles, it won't get ugly.

photo: Alan Cleaver


kaykay7 picture
Sefton, Thank you for answering foulocks' question on certification. However, I am disappointed in the response.... Seventh Generation sales are likely in the hundreds of millions. Green Seal certification and monitoring for a product is less than $10,000 per product for Green Seal Certification. Seventh Generation must spend a significant amount on marketing, twitter, blogging. Why can't it spend $10,000 per product to get certified? Disappointed, and reconsidering my long time automatic purchasing decision to buy Seventh Generation almost exclusively.
sef78 picture
Hi fourlocks, Great question. We do not currently have any 3rd party certifications for our products because it can be very expensive, requiring a new certification every time a product is reformulated. This encourages companies to keep a product where it is rather then continually evolving it, which we like to do. Also, we have our own strict set of guidelines that in many cases are more stringent than the 3rd party guidelines. We felt this might downgrade our products. Hopefully this can help to clarify things, please feel free to contact us at Customer Service 1-800-456-1191 with any additional questions. Sefton
hmdastrup picture
I recently had a major mold issue in my household. I don't like to use bleach either and I beat it without bleach. I also did not have much luck with hydrogen peroxide. I tried vinegar and didn't seem to have much luck but I did have great success with tea tree oil (2 t in 2 c water). Shake to mix and spray the heck out of it. I sprayed, let it sit for a while then wiped away. After it dried I sprayed it again and left it. No more mold has come back in those spots. I was also careful to make sure that the house stayed fairly dry after that. Hope this helps.
dickerca picture
I love to green clean, but the one thing i cannot seem to get rid of without bleach is mold. any good ideas? i've tried peroxide but no such luck. and i really HATE to use bleach but mold is more disgusting.
fourlocks picture
I have also used Seventh Generation products for many years and I consider them the "gold standard" of environmentally-friendly products. I was just wondering why Seventh Generation products have no third-party certification logos like "Green Seal" or "Ecologo?" It's not that I doubt Seventh Generation but I would think they'd be first in line to show they're certified.