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Any Natural Solutions for Weed Control?

Author: abbybrooks

Flower GirlLast year, we had beautiful flower beds that were the envy of the neighborhood. OK, maybe they weren't exactly envied, but they were certainly very nice and my husband and I took pride in them.

Fast forward a year, however, and the flower beds are now weed beds. What changed? Well, this year I invaded hubby's territory and made a stand regarding weed killer. The ground might have been cold when I began my campaign for going au natural, but my passion was heated: I talked (and talked) about how toxins can harm local waterways. I painted a picture of our 2-year-old traipsing through a yard sprayed with chemicals. And, in what now reveals itself as a moment of lost sanity, I even promised to pull the weeds myself.

My arguments won. So now, a couple of months later, I am here in the dirt, experiencing more than the peaceful afternoon of yard grooming I'd imagined. Seems that I've cleared the flower beds twice already this year, but after each session we got a good rain, and all of a sudden it's like a weed jungle out there! And the neighbors are talking. We've become "those people," the ones with the out-of-control weeds.

I've poured salt on a patch to test it as a killer, but it didn't work. (Plus, the husband gloated. A lot.) Next up is vinegar, but the hubby is as dubious about my success as he was when I proposed the salt cure. HELP! Does anyone have a natural solution to offer up, or am I destined to pull weeds EVERY weekend for the rest of the growing season?

photo: Nicholas Manuel