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Alternative to o.b. tampons

Author: Seventh Generation

Can't find o.b. tampons? Try Seventh Generation applicator-free, organic cotton tampons instead. You'll find them at Whole Foods Market,,, and at your local natural foods markets. For a full list of merchants, click here.


jbikel picture
If you are an OB user, 7th Gen is an easy switch. No rayon and organic cotton. I can't tell any difference between them. And what is up the OB!!! We use cloth diapers but I hate the idea of an external pad, disposable or cloth. One of these days I'll try a diva cup on the like.
Solipsikat picture
Ladies, as a devote convert to Moon Cups and re-usable period products the moon cup (or keeper or man there are so many cups out there) are truly the way to go. They are WAY more comfortable, are associated with absolutely NO TSS syndrome, hold more and... a $25 cup is good for 10 years... the math, the green, the health all add up as the best choice for women. picture
I just bought these this week and love them.