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Accidents Happen

Author: Lara Petersen

Here's my latest cross-post from the Change It blog :

"A truck hit the pole with the internet connection for the whole neighborhood. - kfj"

This is the message I got earlier today from Katie Flynn-Jambeck (my Greenpeace counterpart at Change It, also known as “the whirlwind in the red skirt”).

So apparently campus is sans webnet. That means no interweb for students to do any final research before the big event on Capitol Hill tomorrow. No magic box for them to confirm the contact info for their local media, so they can follow up on the pitching done about the direct communication that will be happening. And worse yet - no way to blog!!!

So all you've got now is me, again. And I'd like to take this moment to say how excited I am to be here for a second year. Seeing the culmination of the simulation known as "Sweet River" today, and how much everyone learned and took away from the last few days... I'm just so grateful.

There was so much passion, so much emotion – and all of it over a fake town, an imaginary university, a pretend energy crisis! Yet for everyone it seemed so real, with much at stake and even more to be learned.

The students now understand the challenges and the benefits of creating coalitions with other social and environmental groups; they experienced the long hours and struggles, but ultimate rewards of lobbying decision makers; and already they have become true organizers, rather than mere participants, in the global movement for change.

Congratulations to everyone – you all did an amazing job! And of course, yay for Zephyr, the "corporation" that ultimately won the energy contract from SRU, though in my mind everyone won today! See some pics from yesterday at our page on Flickr.