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1,200 Change It Applicants!

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Author: Lara Petersen

With less than 12 hours left until the application deadline for Change It 07 I am overwhelmed by the number of students who have already applied.

Last year’s total number of applicants for Change It was 420. And with still half a day left for the (inevitable) procrastinators to apply to our activism training program, we’ve already received nearly 1,200 thoughtful submissions from students who want to “be the change”. I’m just so excited to see such an amazing response!

However, as the thought sinks in – TWELVE HUNDRED applications! – my excitement suddenly turns to anxiety. How will we decide from all of these incredibly dedicated students who will be the best suited to join us in DC this summer for a week of training with Greenpeace?

If you’ve seen the videos and read the blogs from last year’s program, then you know how empowering the experience was for both the participants and the sponsors at Seventh Gen and Greenpeace. I wish we could share that feeling with every single one of the enthusiastic students who have applied to Change It this year.

In fact, that’s why we doubled our capacity for 07 – opening the program up to 200 undergraduate students (ages 18-24) who are ready to tackle the toughest environmental and social justice issues facing their generation. When you read their profiles you can see that they are already taking on the world and fighting for what they know is right.

And now suddenly my feelings about the huge response from students shift again, this time to a sort of quiet anticipation. Last year the most humbling moment of the Change It experience for me personally was reading through the student applications. I was incredibly inspired to learn about the actions that passionate students everywhere were already taking to make a difference. It shifted my own perspective on the world and our potential in it.

So in addition to keeping an eye on the soaring number of applicants, and feeling a bit nervous over the responsibility of being one of the people to select the final participants… today I will also prepare myself to be in awe and once again feel an immense gratitude for the commitment of ALL the students who applied – these are the stewards of our future.