Calling all Moms, Daughters, Sisters, Friends

Organic Cotton TamponsLadies, I am absolutely certain that each one of you knows at least one person who uses feminine care products. After all, according to the National Research Center for Women and Families, approximately 43 million women in the United States use tampons. And each one of these women will use approximately 11,000 of them during a typical 40-year fertility span. Now that I have your attention, let's talk about something that really matters: Shopping. Chances are, you have responded to environmental and health concerns by exercising the power of the purse. Women purchase more than 90% of consumer goods in this country, including cars and electronics. We are becoming a "female economy," say Michael J. Silverstein and Kate Sayre in their fabulous book, Women Want More. What all this means is that our demand for safe and healthy products is transforming the consumer goods landscape. Because of us, manufacturers are sitting up and taking notice. We can now choose to buy organic foods, non-toxic household cleaners, green diapers, and organic cosmetics and skin care. What most women don't know is that we need to step this conversation up and start demanding organic and natural feminine care products. It's up to us to tell manufacturers to use only organic cotton in their tampons. There are companies that manufacture tampons made from certified organic cotton -- including Seventh Generation and Natracare. So in honor of women everywhere, the next time you buy a box of tampons make sure it's a brand that uses organic cotton. We have the power to create the change we need!